K’s Rant on Why Rom Coms are Not TheBomb.com

We have Shakespeare to thank for so many great things – and one not-so-great thing. I’m speaking of course of the ultimate lackluster date movie, the romantic comedy. The best examples of the genre’s roots in Shakespearean comedy are his plays A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night. Much Ado about Nothing could be considered in this same pool, but is more focused on comedy and very little on romance. No matter where they came from I strongly dislike them (most, not all) for three reasons. They are lazy in storytelling, far too great in number and seem to overload mediocre films with more stars than they can even fit on the cover at times.

Most of the Plots are Just Lazy

Here’s what happens in every movie: Boy meets girl, problems arise, grand gesture, happy ending. There are some variations of creativity in each film, but they generally follow the exact same pattern. Now, I know that some flicks that are being produced now that are remakes and sequels and I could say that they are lazy too. But this has been happening in the rom com genre ever since Marilyn Monroe starred in The Seven-Year Itch. Romantic comedies or “rom coms” have blown up in Hollywood. From feel-good comedies to heart-tugging tragedies, romantic films have been being touted every Christmas, Spring and Summer movie season.

There are So Many!

To name a few, there’s When Harry Met Sally, No Strings Attached, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Friends with Benefits, The Holiday, and Romantic Comedy (yes, there is a film called Romantic Comedy).

Romantic Comedy: The Movie

According to Wikipedia (yes, I know it’s not considered a real source but it’s helpful): The basic plot of a romantic comedy is that two characters…meet, part ways due to an argument or other obstacle, then ultimately reunite.” That’s it, that is all you have to do to create a “respectable” romantic comedy flick. Maybe add a dash of A-list celebrity and you’ve got yourself a few butts in the seats. The only problem is, there will be two or three other similar movies debuting at around the exact same time!

An Abundance of Stars does not Necessarily Translate into a Good Movie

Recent actors that have starred in a rom com: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black, Jude Law, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz,  and so on and so forth. Now, although the biggest culprit was just recently (*cough *New Year’s Eve), there have been multiple offenders that have relied too much on star power and too little on respectable screenplay. Don’t believe me on the last one? Have you ever seen New Year’s EveJust look at the cover and tell me that’s not overkill.

Don’t get me wrong, we have all enjoyed at some point in time a romantic comedy or two. Whether it was whilst on a date or while bored at home, we have all nearly cried when she loses the guy and seeing them go through such hard separation. No? Just me? Well anywho, for any romantic comedy directors out there, please put some effort and care into your next masterpiece rather than slapping together a rushed and lifeless, albeit touching, 90 minute rom com. Take some pride in your work and make me want to take a pretty lady to a pretty good movie.

End rant.


3 thoughts on “K’s Rant on Why Rom Coms are Not TheBomb.com

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  2. Let’s be fair: ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is fantastic. More recently, ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’ were both brilliant. But most romantic comedies to be released as of late are poor in quality. Just Hollywood looking to make a quick buck.

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