Like Sci-Fi? Get prepared for ‘Lockout’

The latest trailer for the action/sci-fi thriller Lockout was released last week and I dare say that very little hubbub was made about it. Did you see it? Didn’t think so. But it’s my belief that you should reconsider.

The trailer is entertaining, a 2:25 long sensory pleaser filled with great effects and CGI. There are shootouts, explosions, shots from beyond the stars, spaceships, and more. But the story is pretty intriguing as well.

From the acclaimed writers and producers of Léon: The Professional and Taken comes a sci-fi adventure set in space. A loose-cannon government agent (Guy Pearce) who has been wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage is given one shot at freedom: saving the president’s daughter (Maggie Grace) from a maximum security outer space prison that has been taken over by its own dangerous, rioting convicts. Check out the trailer below.

Lockout Trailer #1

Writer-producer Luc Besson, the man behind Léon and Taken, has also written the Transporter series (starring Jason Statham) as well as The Fifth Element, so he knows a bit about the action and sci-fi genres. I must say, however, that I’m not surprised at the lack of press that Lockout is getting up to now. The frenzy now is the Oscars, and after that all attention will shift to The Hunger Games, due out March 23.

And then, despite Lockout‘s April 20 release date, everyone will likely switch their focus to superhero mega-film The Avengers, which hits theaters 2 weeks after Lockout on May 4. That’s a shame, because Lockout looks like it’s going to be pretty slick.

While it likely won’t be the next Blade Runner, Besson’s Lockout does look as though it will be quite the entertaining sci-fi thriller. It stars Guy Pearce, looking pretty shredded as in his Memento days, and Maggie Grace, who also starred in Besson’s Taken and will reprise her role in this fall’s sequel to the 2008 hit.

And if the initial teaser trailer (embedded below) is any indication, Guy Pearce will be pretty BA as well.

I get the feeling that Lockout could be one of those films that you won’t want to miss this spring.

Be on the lookout for more promo materials for Lockout, and take a look at the images and the teaser trailer below to get a better feel for the film. Lockout hits theaters April 20. Stay tuned for more from Hype the Movies.


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