K’s Review: The Avengers Are The “World’s Greatest Heroes,” but are they The World’s Greatest Superhero Movie?

“This is serious,” I say while wearing a big pair of ridiculous and green Hulk 3D glasses, “would you trade with me or no?”

I had this conversation at least 4 times while waiting in line looking like a lost puppy with stupid glasses. But the movie turned things around when The Hulk surprisingly became the fan favorite in this jam-packed superhero collision called The Avengers.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first hundreds of people to see it in 3D IMAX for free! I was not in a bad mood, let’s just say. Besides, the Hulk glasses…

Some diehard fans. And Denzel Washington.

While I waited in line for over an hour or so, the anticipation, noise, heat and my desire/need to urinate were rising every minute. Conversations consisted of the usual pre-screening comic book chatter, but was not held by the usual comic book demographic. Sure there were some dressed in full costume or arguing over why one of the original Avengers was stiffed and not included in the film, but the crowd was surprisingly balanced between children, families, girls, grandmas, gangstas and of course, the aforementioned comic book demographic.

After a mild hour-long wait in line, the promotions lady stands next to me and yells to the people directly behind me (*phew*) that there were not going to be enough seats. Yes, I think to myself, nailed it. Then they let me in finally.

But not before they take my cell phone and place it in a numbered bag and hand me a matching ticket. That sounds safe. Whatever, I just want to get a good seat and see the show! As I walk into the vast (and nearly packed) theater, the immortal words of Rebecca Black come to me (“Which seat can I take?”). Should’ve chosen the middle. Oh, well the front side will do just fine…

I digress. On to the important stuff – the film!

You might recall that in an earlier article, B stated that The Avengers could single-handedly catapult or destroy multiple movie franchises. No pressure. 😉

The film starts off right away with a bang, grabs you and never lets you go. This is textbook (comic book) stuff.

From the quick aerial views to the (almost too close) facial close ups during action scenes, writer/director Joss (not Josh) Whedon riffed right out of a 1960s comic book. Let’s just that Whedon has come a longggggggggg way since Buffy the Vampire Slayer! If you don’t know his name, movie fans and comic book geeks everywhere (like myself) will know it now.

This film is a schmorgesboard (sp?) of talent! There’s Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man 2), Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island), Gwyneth Paltrow (Seven), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Scarlet Johansen (Lost in Translation), and everyone’s favorite, Samuel L. Jackson (Snakes on a Plane) reprises his role as Nick Fury, the seemingly reckless Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Even How I Met Your Mother‘s Cobie Smolders is in it. I mean, come on, what’s not to like about this cast?

Apparently the superheroes did not get the memo though, as we get to see:

1) Thor v. Iron Man

2) Thor v. Captain America

3) Captain America v. Iron Man

4) Hulk v. Black Widow

5) Loki v. Thor

6) And my personal favorite, Thor v. Hulk

When the fights occur (however short), I felt as if I was playing the old Marvel v. Capcom arcade game at times. Marvel v. Marvel was possible in that game right?

The visuals are stunning as we fly with Iron Man, try to keep up with Black Widow and fight seemingly right alongside all of The Avengers. The explosions and bad guys are included as usual, but the quarrel between the superheroes is where the real action and drama ebbs and flows. The talented but less than tactful at the start team are a “ticking time bomb” as Dr. Bruce Banner so eloquently puts it.

Banner/Hulk was a part of two of the most epic lines/scenes of the movie. I’ll give you one, but the other you’ll have to enjoy on your own. Near the end of the story, Captain America gives out orders to each of his ridiculously outnumbered ragtag squad. Once he has everyone dispersed, save for one, he tells the big, Incredible one simply: “Hulk … smash!” This created a frenzy and a warm round of applause from the excited and simply over-caffeinated crowd.

In the end, the team needs to work together as a single well-oiled machine or the earth will perish because 6 gifted misfits could not get along and play nicely. With great banter, character chemistry, constant action and a touch of cheesiness this 142 minute powerhouse flies by right before your entranced and bespectacled eyes.

Best Marvel film yet, with lots of room to grow the number films from this original collaboration of “The world’s greatest heroes.” Yet could it be called the greatest superhero movie of all time? That remains to be seen with The Dark Knight Rises not coming out until July 20, 2012! I’m a tad biased, so I won’t say it’s the best ever. But this movie ROCKS! It kickstarted the summer of big blockbusters and specifically, superhero sagas on the right foot. Catapulted them even, if you will. 

All I have to say is GO SEE IT! Whether a ticket is free or 20 big ones for IMAX 3D, it’s worth every penny for the action, the adventure and the downright spectacular superhero antics.

Hulk 3D goggles not included.

The Avengers: A

The Avengers is in theaters starting tomorrow night!


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