Avengers takes in $80.5M on Friday

Despite early reports claiming a total take of about $67 million on Friday for Marvel’s The Avengers — a figure that would have put it on track with 2008’s The Dark Knight and set it up for a $155-160 million weekend — Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are now saying that The Avengers pulled in a massive $80.5 million on Friday, the second largest single-day gross of all-time. That figure includes its $18 million haul from midnight showings.

The single-day gross record goes of course to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, last year’s final installment to the boy-wizard franchise, which nabbed $91 million in its first day. Hallows went on to pull in $169.2 million for its entire opening weekend, but The Avengers figures to be far less front loaded than the Harry Potter sequel.

Based on typical box-office day-to-day drops and its A+ CinemaScore rating — meaning that fans everywhere absolutely loved the film, which they did — The Avengers looks to be on pace for a Hulk-smashing $175 million opening weekend, a new record that may or may not last through the summer with Christopher Nolan’s final Bat-franchise installment, but a record nonetheless.

When you add that estimated weekend haul into its total worldwide box office, The Avengers looks to be sitting at a pretty $500 million worldwide through the weekend. It opened across the globe in a tiered release last week and in the U.S., China, and Russia yesterday.

Early estimates for The Avengers had it tracking at $135 million to $175 million, and it looks like it could come out on the high-end of that range. While fans didn’t necessarily come out in droves for midnight showings, it was still the largest midnight opening for a superhero franchise, and clearly people planned to catch it a bit later in the day. No doubt the film will be far less front loaded than Deathly Hallows Part 2 — which brought in 55% of its opening weekend gross in day 1 — so this $175 million estimate looks to be pretty accurate.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend to see if the core four and Co. can knock off Harry Potter and the gang, and if you are wondering how good The Avengers is, check out our reviews for the film (K’s and B’s).


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