B: Ranking Pixar

Having recently added Brave to its outstanding resume, Pixar has now produced a total of 13 films, including the groundbreaking Toy Story, the whiz-bang The Incredibles, the scrumptious Ratatouille, and the touching WALL-E. Below, in chronological order, are the studio’s 13 feature film productions.

I mentioned in my review of Brave that, when reviewing that film, it is unfair to do so by comparing Brave to Pixar’s other efforts, as so many reviewers have done. Movies, Pixar or otherwise, should be judged on their own merits. That doesn’t mean, however, that one can’t compare Pixar’s films outside of a review. And I’ve decided to do just that.

I have found something, and typically many things, to like about each and every one of the films listed below. But how do these films stack up against one another? Read on to find out!


13. Cars 2 (2011)

I have to think that you’re doing pretty well as a studio when your worst movie is Cars 2. Sure, it lacks the heart of some of the studio’s biggest hits, but I don’t have near the issues with it that so many critics had. Did it deserve an Oscar nomination? No. But does it really warrant its 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Not in the slightest. Cars 2 is an action-packed animated blockbuster, an interesting cross between traditional spy capers and racing flicks. Sure, it’s probably Pixar’s worst movie to date, but if this is your worst film, then you’re doing something right.

Grade: C+


12. Brave (2012)

It would seem that Pixar’s two most recent outings are its least appealing, in terms of critical reception, but Brave has eaten it up at box office. However, for the studio’s first fairy tale flick, as well as its return to original filmmaking (its last two films were sequels), I hoped for perhaps a little more. I can’t exactly pin down what it is, Brave was just missing some of that usual Pixar magic. That said, this is a film with quite a bit of heart, and it is one of Pixar’s best looking films to date, both of which make it very easy to overlook any flaws.

Grade: B


11. Cars (2006)

Cars is sometimes seen as Pixar’s first misstep, if in fact they’ve even had one, but I disagree. Cars is a marvelously entertaining piece of animation. It’s meant to be seen either in the theater or in front of a big screen with some stunning surround sound. But that’s not to say the movie is all style and no substance. There is a great story behind the film, one of times gone by and of yearning for their return, and that anyone can get me to connect with an animated car speaks volumes of Pixar’s abilities.

Grade: B


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