K is Chad Kluge, a movie lover and the one who came up with the initial idea for this blog.

He is currently finishing up his final semester at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, where he is studying Advertising. K is a member of the UofM Advertising club and is employed at SMCpros, a social media consulting agency located in the heart of the Twin Cities.

When he’s not studying, working, putting in work with the Ad Club, or contributing to Hype the Movies, K enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching various movies and TV shows, and more recently, discovering his talents as a parallel parker.

Below you can find a list of K’s Top Two Favorite Films per Genre, as seen in our combined top films list.

1. Dumb & Dumber
2. Billy Madison

1. The Lion King
2. Emperor’s New Groove

1. The Dark Knight
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark

1. Inception
2. Taken

1. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2. Saving Private Ryan


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